Executive Search Processes


Initial Consultation

Before undertaking a search assignment, we will study your position requirement/ job description in thorough and prepare to conduct a consultation session with the hiring manager and the HR Manager. This enables us to grasp and determine your actual requirements and specifications, as well as achieve an in-depth understanding of your organizational relationships and culture. We truly believe that identifying all qualities and characteristics are critical to the success of finding the best-matched candidate to the position.


Position Description

After agreeing on your needs, we prepare a compelling position specification that features company background, responsibilities of the position, qualifications and background required of the candidate, criteria for success, and individual growth potential. It will form the “most updated Job Description” of the position for the Clients and candidates, and it will consistently guide us throughout our search efforts. It will also be edited for a job posting tailored to attract the right candidates looking for a suitable position in the market.


Research and Search Strategy/ Candidate Targeting

After the job posting, we will continue our customized research, identifying sources and prospects and develop a list of organizations where qualified candidates are likely to be found. A list of potential candidates is collected through our personal networks, databases of individuals, organizations and other trusted sources – collected, tracked, and continually updated.


Candidate Evaluation & Interviews

Candidate prospects are screened by us by in-depth telephone interviews as well as face-to-face meetings. Those making the cut could be subjected to psychometric assessment which provides a better understanding of a candidate’s personality and management style. This testing procedure will help to validate the interviews we have with the candidates, and provide an opportunity to understand our candidates’ abilities to fit into the position within your organization.


Presentation of Candidates

Once we identify a short list of the top three to five most qualified candidates, their CVs and a comparison sheet of the candidates will be presented to you. The comparison sheet has so far been the most powerful tool to our clients, detailng critical individual information of each candidate and their competencies measured against the competency specifications of the position. It enables HR and hiring managers to, at one glance, compare among the few most qualified candidates. This tool especially cuts down a lot of efforts on the part of the HR Managers when assessing the result of the search and able to confidently decide which candidates are worth interviewing by the hiring managers.


Candidate & Client Interviews

We arrange the meetings between the client and each candidate, and follow up on both parties immediately after the interview for timely feedback.


Reference Check

Once the final candidate is selected, we conduct reference check with his ex-companies to verify that the information given by him/her is true. Most of the time, verification of academic qualifications would have been completed at the Focus Search Services when we interview the candidates. But if it has not been possible, it will also be done at this stage.


Communicating The Offer & Completing The Search

Once you have decided that an offer should be made to the selected candidate, we are available to assist in the offer process. Usually, by this time, our clients know what to offer already and we do the part of communicating the offer, and serving as an intermediary to resolve questions or details to everyone’s satisfaction. This includes resignation and counter-offer counseling, concerns by spouse and family, and relocation assistance.


Staying In Touch

With the successful candidate now on board, we will maintain regular contact with both you and the sucessful incumbent to maintain a smooth transition and the continued satisfaction of both parties.